ONE IN FOUR – Awarded Multiple Film Festival Selections

CONNECTICUT, February 20th, 2021


Envision Films / Jeff Teitler, in collaboration with Margot Noelle, DFX, Michelle Fischer Paul and Nicole Nascimento present ONE IN FOUR, a short documentary film.  

There are many empowering benefits of dance, but healing from sexual assault was never supposed to be one of them.

ONE IN FOUR premiered at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival, while also receiving official selections at the Dance is Activism Film Festival, 21, Indie Shorts Awards Miami, Voices Rising Film Festival, 21, and the Fine Arts Film Festival.  ONE IN FOUR will screen, Wednesday, September 8th at the I WILL TELL INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL

Stay tuned for additional Medscape premieres – Posted by Jeff Teitler – Director Envision Films, LLC