THE ONCOLOGISTS Premieres: A Medscape, Hartford HealthCare and Jeff Teitler production

 CONNECTICUT, February 20th, 2021


Envision Films / Jeff Teitler, in collaboration with Hartford HealthCare (Connecticut’s largest HealthCare system) and Medscape, (a leading online Medical Journal) launch THE ONCOLOGISTS – a new documentary film series exploring the unforeseeable challenges, triumphs and the human experiences within the treatment of cancer patients.

Unpredictable Endings are only the beginning of a delicate dance surgical teams go through with every case. In Episode 1, Chief of Oncological Surgery, Dr. Bret Schipper faces a crucial moment in the OR that few ever see….and the stakes could not be higher.

THE ONCOLOGISTS is currently scheduled to produce four episode to premiere on Medscape. 

Special Thanks to: Lauri Graham, Gabriel Miller, Eugenia Yun, JeIrey Flaks, Rebecca Stewart, Nick Dethlefsen, Tina Varona, Hartford Hospital, Niamey Wilson, MD, FACS, F. Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE, Peter Knox, Ron Kowalczyk and Melissa Teitler

Stay tuned for additional Medscape premieres – Posted by JeI Teitler – Director Envision Films, LLC