COVIDLAND Inspires a WebMD Endorsement

Following the premiere of COVIDLAND on Medscape, the documentary film captured the attention of WebMD’s, Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Whyte. Soon after, Whyte interviewed Dr. Panico about being in COVIDLAND, her experiences as a critical care physician, along with the wins and sacrifices, that continue on the front lines today.

Dr. Megan Panico spends nights and weekends caring for extreme COVID- 19 cases. In doing so, she also sacrifices urgent family needs and time with her daughter.  But for those on the front lines, within the most complicated health crisis of our time, there is no choice.


On behalf of the cast and crew of COVIDLAND, we would like to thank Dr. Whyte, for producing this segment and engaging interview. COVIDLAND was created through a unique collaboration between, Jeffrey Teitler, Hartford HealthCare and Medscape.

COVIDLAND also features Brian Woffard, Sajjad S. Raza, BS, RRT, RRT-ACCS, Brittany Wozniak, PA-C, Kalista Ruoff,  PCA, Emily Conca, RN, Elvira Syed, RRT, Jennifer Cullinane, RN, BSN, Jared Incillo, RN, Kathryn LaFleur, PA-C Elizabeth Verhagen, APRN, AGACNP-BC, Miranda Bengtson, RN, BSN, Stephanie Wheeler, PA-C, Isabella Panico, David Rice, RRT, Jeremy Brothers, RN, Brittany Laurenza, RN, BSN, Christina Wood, RN and the entire ICU team at Hartford Hospital.


Special Thanks to: Eugenia Yun, JeIrey Flaks, Rebecca Stewart, Nick Dethlefsen, Tina Varona, Hartford Hospital, Niamey Wilson, MD, FACS, F. Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE, Peter Knox, Ron Kowalczyk and Melissa Teitler

Stay tuned for additional Medscape premieres – Posted by Jeff Teitler – Director Envision Films, LLC