Hartford HealthCare, Jeff Teitler and Envision Films win multiple LampLighter Awards

For Immediate Release
Connecticut, July 2021

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Hartford HealthCare commissioned several short videos from Envision Films / Jeff Teitler, to explore the local health response. Today, we are so pleased to have collaborated with Hartford HealthCare and are honored by the multiple LAMPLIGHTER RECOGNITIONS those works have received.

In this first piece, a Hartford HealthCare, Registered Nurse uses her phone to capture her morning routine. On Facebook, the video received over 60,000 views in its first week.

Jay Bialkowski’s story begins on a typical day. Yet, in a matter of minutes, his world changed forever. He couldn’t breathe and was rushed to Hartford Hospital. His condition spiraled quickly as he was on the brink of death – until something miraculous happened,

After producing on this story of recovery, it was broadcast on NBC CT as it rapidly received over 31,000 views on social media. That’s when it was noticed by National Geographic’s science editor, Nsikan Aspen, who invited the story on their national podcast.

Keith Grant, APRN, Senior Director, Infection Prevention, shares why he has hope for the future and how safety is at the forefront of everything Hartford HealthCare does.

How do you tell the stories of Hospice to people who may not want to listen?  This story is about patients and their families. How they were born, lived and how they wanted to experience life at the end -surrounded by loved ones LAMPLIGHTER AWARD IN CINEMATOGRAPHY

We are deeply honored by the Lamplighter recognitions and to have Hartford HealthCare, Rebecca Stewart, Nick Dethlefsen and Tina Verona as our collaborating and producing partners. Much more to come…

Stay tuned for additional Medscape premieres – Posted by Jeff Teitler – Director Envision Films, LLC