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Hospital Lives collaborates with major Connecticut health centers including, Hartford Healthcare, Saint Francis Hospital And Medical Center, Trinity Health of New England and UConn Health with national recognition, published documentaries and film festival selections.


COVIDLAND won a prestigious Emmy® Award from the National Academy of Arts and Television Sciences – Boston New England Region.   Upon publication by Medscape in January 2021, COVIDLAND was endorsed by WEBMD‘s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Whyte.  The documentary-short has since won an Eddie and Ozzie Award from Folio Magazine as well as a Digital Health Award from the Health Information Resource Center.

In COVIDLAND, Dr. Megan Panico spends nights and weekends caring for extreme COVID-19 cases. She also sacrifices urgent family needs, personal time as she risks her own health. But for those on the front lines, within the most complicated health crisis of our time, there is no choice. VIEW ON MEDSCAPE HERE

COVIDLAND was developed in collaboration with Hartford HealthCare and Medscape. It was directed by Jeff Teitler and produced by Eugenia Yun.

TREAT FOR A CURE, won a prestigious CASE – Circle of Excellence Award and premiered at UConn Health’s White Coat Gala.  It is the most viewed and shared film on UConn Foundation’s social media platforms.

TREAT FOR A CURE – UConn student-athlete, Ryan Radue enters the fight of his life…beating cancer. With a comprehensive group of oncologists, nurses, researchers along with an entire baseball team behind him, his story of courage and perseverance is captured.

Directed by Jeff Teitler / Envision Films.  Produced by Jennifer Huber

State of Emergency Emmy Jeff Teitler

In June of 2023, STATE OF EMERGENCY won an Emmy Award from the National Academy of Arts and Television Sciences Boston / New England Region.   The film also won an ASBEE Gold Award from the American Society of Business Press Editors in 2023 as well as a Silver National ASBEE.

In STATE OF EMERGENCY Medscape sent documentary filmmaker Jeffrey Teitler to Hartford Hospital in Connecticut for a close-up view of their trauma center.  Tracking Cynthia Price, MD, an emergency medicine physician,  Price travels from calling the death of her patient to treating others with compassion and without judgment.  

View on Medscape

In 2023 GSW WOMEN was nominated for an Emmy Award from the National Academy of Arts and Television Sciences Boston / New England Region   In November of 23, GSW Woman was an Official Selection within the American Public Health Film Festival.   In this Medscape publication, filmmaker, Jeffrey Teitler, tracks the life-saving efforts, courage, and resilience of three female practitioners and an entire medical team at Hartford Hospital’s Level 1 Trauma Center. Filmed as events unfold, trauma surgeon Dr Jane J. Keating, physician assistant Ashley Weisse, and emergency nurse Amber Langlois reveal an intimate glimpse within a preventable cycle of America’s violence epidemic — and the scars it leaves behind.   

GSW WOMEN was published on Medscape, December 20th 2022.

GSW Jeff Teitler APHA Poster

Heather Lindsay and Dave Mosher became a national and international news story.

But 6 months before that day, they agreed to have their miraculous story documented.


A new documentary coming soon.



During the first wave of the Coronavirus Pandemic, F. Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE, an Associate Professor at Yale School of Medicine collaborated with Jeff Teitler and Envision Films to provide a first-hand glimpse of the COVID ward within Yale New Haven Hospital.  

Since PPE was in short supply, this work was entirely shot on an I-Phone by Wilson,   Through this collaboration, Wilson provides a visual, insightful and compassionate account on the front lines of Covid-19.   Wilson, whose science communications can also be found in the Huffington Post, NPR, and his own editorial channels as well offers a rare glimpse into a COVID-19 ward.

NO MIRACLES HERE – A WEEK ON THE COVID WARD was published on Medscape on May 6th of 2020

THE ONCOLOGISTS, was recognized with an American Society of Publishers and Editors Award in 2022.   Published by Medscape, the documentary series examines the personal and clinical issues, faced by those on the front lines of cancer. The series is directed by Jeff Teitler and produced by Medscape in collaboration with Hartford HealthCare, Lauri Graham and Gabrielle Miller

Dr. Bret Schipper is the Chief of Oncological Surgery at Hartford HealthCare. Though regularly treating complex forms of cancer, unpredictable findings are only the beginning of what surgical teams go through with every case.

To View the ONCOLOGISTS on MEDSCAPE, Please click HERE.


AzbeeAward Jeff Teitler

Cancer is unforgiving.  It robs time, upends lives and leaves indelible scars on all around.  But it can also reveals our greatest gifts.    In this 3rd episode of the Oncologists,  a diagnoses of breast and pancreatic cancer, inspires an entire health system to engage.

The Oncologists is a 22 WINNER OF A FOLIO MAGAZINE EDDIE AWARD.   View on Medscape. The segment features Camelia Lawrence, MD and Jillian Bertolini and was nationally published on Medscape in September of 21.  The ONCOLOGISTS is a series of short documentaries,  produced by Medscape, Jeff Teitler and Hartford Healthcare.

This cinematic portrait of an ICU nurse was created during the COVID-19 pandemic. Utilizing phone footage shot by the nurse herself, this intimate glimpse has been developed into a portrait of courage and hope.

WHEREVER YOU STAND – Was commissioned by Hartford Health Care – April 2020. In 2021, it won a Gold Lamplighter Award and has received over 66,000 views on facebook.

Directed by Jeff Teitler / Envision Films


This cinematic surgical portrait advanced the communicative possibilities of surgical practitioners.  Upon release, the piece was widely shared with mass patient-engagement.  It transformed traditional uses of hospital filmmaking, with vastly increased outcomes.

YOUR NEW BEGINNING – Dr. Niamey Wilson’s dedication, countless hours surgical skill and compassion reveal a mass of hope to her breast cancer patients…but she does not do it alone.

Directed by Jeff Teitler


Hospital People has inspired national and international news stories from People Magazine, Daily Mail, The Today Show, The New York Post, Inside Edition and others. Our work and imagery has views into the millions with media shares by organizations such as Mighty Nurse, I Am A Nurse, Nurses, etc.

This cinematic trailer on Nurse Leadership, was recognized by the Connecticut Nursing Association. It reached more than 350,000 individuals, with shares by major hospitals and nursing associations nationwide. It was also featured on Mighty Nurse, Nurses and many other social media sites.

Directed by Jeff Teitler


HANDS THAT HEAL – a therapeutic musician celebrates medicine, empathy and patient care in this emotional Music Video.   Original music written and performed by Carolyn Brodginski and Seat of Our Pants. 

Directed by Jeff Teitler


Upon release, THE TRAUMA KEEPER was reposted by NURSES. That post alone received 96,000 views and 370 shares. Hospital People’s local social media also received an additional 35,000 views with no marketing spend.

In The TRAUMA KEEPER, an Emergency Room housekeeper turns the death of his son into a celebration of Emergency Room Personnel and First Responders.

Directed by Jeff Teitler



Hospital People’s social media has reached well into the millions. Our stories have inspired national and international news stories by THE TODAY SHOW, PEOPLE MAGAZINE, INSIDE EDITION, Etc. , Our media is regularly shared by national NGO’s, advocacy organizations and a mass of practitioners, who make up our base.

HOSPITAL PEOPLE includes personal accounts of practice, illness and recovery as events unfold.

Directed by Jeff Teitler