The Sweetest Land


Beyond the bloodshed and bullets, in urban America, there are communities where unprecedented courage resides, extraordinary families are tested and an ongoing fight for equality can go unheard…until now.

THE SWEETEST LAND will begin festival submissions in August of 2018.   We would like to thank The Center’s for Disease Control (CDC), Harvard School of Public Health, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard School of Law, Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, The Injury Prevention Center, The Hartford Courant and The LEF Foundation for your assistance and engagement throughout our post production period.  Sometimes a story can change everything.  

With over, 30,000 FACEBOOK members, we continue to build a nationwide network of engagement. 
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Envision Films, in collaboration with Saint Francis Hospital, The Hartford Police Department, The Guardian Angels, Mothers United Against Violence, WDRC’s Brad Davis, Life Star and a community on the front lines of hope and sacrifice presents: THE SWEETEST LAND – a documentary film about recovery, engagement and politics – where complacency can no longer be an option.


THE SWEETEST LAND is supported by LEF Foundation, Peter Knox, The Wise Family Foundation, Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism and The CCSU Foundation

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