Regardless of previous experience, skill or talent-level, meaningful artistic creation is attainable…

w i t h   t h e   d e s i r e   a  n d   w i l l   t o   t e l l   s t o r i e s .

Nationally recognized for digital film Instruction, our curriculum regularly develops non-specialized students into impactful producing artists with independently repeatable skills.  Instruction emphasizes story telling techniques, artistic direction and training within pre-production, production and post-production processes.   

Consistently my students work in the entertainment industry, gain acceptance within graduate film programs, compete in festivals and most importantly, create compelling film-works for public consumption.



Our students regularly test and hone their skills for social good. Utilizing social media, students create online micro campaigns, develop imagery, messages and leverage the power of production for a specified outcome.   These online initiatives have recruited thousands of participants while also raising aid and goods for vulnerable individuals/families in CT.

Student-created promotional Film Directed by CCSU film student, Wojtek Mu for CCSU’s Department of Communication – Filmmaking Emphasis.

Through developing and implementing original curriculum, our outcomes at Central Connecticut State University regularly exceed major private institutions and colleges.

Our curriculum has been endorsed by major and regional producers at sports networks while our students, (many who begin with no experience at all) gain employment in the entertainment industry, are accepted within graduate film programs, compete in film festivals and most importantly, create compelling works in media for public consumption  




Envision Films developed and implemented filmmaking curriculum for the Children’s Defense Funds’s Southern Rural Black Woman’s Initiative.  This program provided film training for mentors and under-served youth in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

NEW VISIONS, an initiative commissioned by THE CHILDREN’S DEFENSE FUND and the SOUTHERN RURAL BLACK WOMEN’S INITIATIVE, is engages and involves young woment through teaching marketable skills in digital filmmaking, documentary shorts, oral history and advertising.  As the lead curriculum developer, Envision Films implemented training programs in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, covering in digital film techniques and production of short films.  For additional information, see THE SOUTHERN RURAL BLACK WOMEN’S INITIATIVE.