Hospital Lives collaborates with major Connecticut health centers including, Saint Francis Hospital And Medical Center, Trinity Health of New England, Hartford Healthcare, and UConn Health, with nationally recognized results

Hospital People has inspired national and international news stories from People Magazine, Daily Mail, The Today Show, The New York Post, Inside Edition and others.   Our work and imagery has views into the millions with media shares by organizations such as Mighty Nurse, I Am A Nurse, Nurses, etc.
This cinematic trailer on Nurse Leadership, was recognized by the Connecticut Nursing Association.   It reached more than 350,000 individuals, with shares by major hospitals and nursing associations nationwide.  It was also featured on Mighty Nurse, Nurses and many other social media sites.  
TREAT FOR A CURE, won a prestigious CASE – Circle of Excellence Award and premiered at UConn Health’s White Coat Gala on April 16, 2016.    It is the most viewed and shared film on UConn Foundation’s social media platforms.
TREAT FOR A CURE  UConn student-athlete, Ryan Radue enters the fight of his life…beating cancer.   With a group of oncologists, nurses, researchers and an entire baseball team behind him, his story of courage and perseverance is captured.   
Hospital People engages in compassionate and embedded filmmaking.   Fully compliant with all HIPAA Privacy Laws and Protocols, this initiative focuses on intimate story-telling (online and festival), advocacy, education and community/employee engagement.  Our outcomes reach local and national audiences with stories of health, care and hope.
HANDS THAT HEAL –  a therapeutic musician celebrates medicine, empathy and hospital staff in this emotional tribute and Official Music Video   Original music written and performed by Carolyn Brodginski and Seat of Our Pants.

Heather Lindsay and Dave Mosher became a national and international news story.

But 6 months before that day, their families agreed to have their entire story documented.


A new documentary in production.

More info coming soon

Prepare for chills.  This cinematic portrait of an ICU nurse was created during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Utilizing phone footage shot by the nurse herself, this intimate glimpse has been developed into a portrait of courage and hope.
WHEREVER YOU STAND –  Was commissioned by Hartford Health Care – April 2020.  It has received over 45,000 views on facebook.
This cinematic surgical portrait advanced the communicative possibilities of medical practitioners.    Due to the mass-proliferation and patient-engagement, the piece innovated and transformed traditional uses of video-communication with vastly increased efficacy.   
YOUR NEW BEGINNING – Dr. Niamey Wilson’s dedication, countless hours surgical skill and compassion reveal a mass of hope to her breast cancer patients…but she does not do it alone. 

Upon release, THE TRAUMA KEEPER was reposted by NURSES.  That post alone received 95,000 views and 370 shares.   Hospital People’s local social media also received an additional 35,000 views with no marketing spend.  

In The TRAUMA KEEPER, an Emergency Room housekeeper turns the death of his son into a celebration of Emergency Room Personnel and First Responders. 


In an Emergency Room, holidays are spent in the best possible way…caring! #emergencyroom #emergencymedicine #trauma

Posted by Hospital People on Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Utilizing outtake footage, this local holiday favorite is now an Emergency Department tradition.  Receiving over 22,000 views and 200 shares, the montage celebrates the department’s commitment to 24/7 care and the practitioners who provide it.

In an Emergency Room, holidays are spent in the best possible way…caring


Hospital People’s social media has reached well into the millions.  Our stories have inspired national and international news stories by THE TODAY SHOW, PEOPLE MAGAZINE, INSIDE EDITION, Etc.,   Our media is regularly shared by national NGO’s, advocacy organizations and a mass of practitioners, who make up our base.


HOSPITAL PEOPLE includes personal accounts of practice, illness and recovery as events unfold. 

Within these walls resides the extraordinary possibilities of being human….   


HOSPITAL PEOPLE is developed through an innovative media collaboration between Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center (, Trinity Health Of New England (, Envision Films / Jeffrey Teitler and Peter Knox, Jr. (




HOSPITAL PEOPLE is produced by Dr. John Rodis, Dr. Steve Wolf, Patti LaMonica, Kelly Chevalier, Dr. David Shapiro, Ron Kowalczyk, Nancy Rousseau, Elizabeth Krafcik, Pharibie Wise and Peter Knox, Jr.