Nationally recognized, Envision Films is an independent film production company focused on compelling story-telling, artistic collaborations and media education. Developing both scripted and non-scripted productions, our work explores complex characters, cultural dilemmas and social change through the production process.

I AM A NURSE – VIRAL, Viewed on Youtube over 250,000 times, this short was created for the Connecticut Nursing Association in collaboration with Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center’s Emergency Room. The piece is also embedded on popular websites such as, Mighty Nurse, I Am A Nurse, etc.
ALL THINGS CHICKEN is written by Yale Playwright, Julius Galacki from his stage play previously performed at Yale. Directed by Jeffrey Teitler, CHICKEN is both a comedy about how not to live one’s life, and a tribute to the saving grace of friendship – no matter how dysfunctional.
QUALITY OF LIFE – A test trailer filmed in Hartford, Connecticut – 2007. When asked to end his wife’s life, a man is confronted by both, the moral decision and reality of euthanasia.

For much of his life, Ryan Radue was a normal student and athlete.    But, after a routine test for leg pain, he now faces the most important battle of his life…beating cancer.   TREAT FOR A CURE was commissioned by the UConn Foundation, with participation from the University of Connecticut, John Dempsey Hospital and the Carole and Ray Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center.  

Envision Films accepts inquires from performing artists, documentary participants, writers, designers and organizations for collaboration.  We seek compelling stories and change through the production process.

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