Envision Films Collaborates with Hartford HealthCare on The COVID Portraits

CONNECTICUT, April 22nd, 2020

Envision Films, LLC / Jeffrey B. Teitler and Hartford HealthCare agree to collaborate on 4 film portraits.  Noting the historical significance of the Corona Virus along with the unprecedented and heroic acts of care, Hartford Health will feature a new tribute film on the front lines, every week this month.

In this first piece, a Hartford Health Care, Registered Nurse uses her phone to capture her morning routine.   The Video received over 66,000 views in its first week.

Jay Bialkowski, a 54-year-old Glastonbury man and security guard at Hartford Hospital, spent several weeks as a patient with COVID-19 at Hartford Hospital. The team never gave up hope. Megan Panico, MD, was part of that team and helped him get back to his family.  This video was seen more than 40,000 times on social media

Keith Grant, APRN, Senior Director, Infection Prevention, shares why he has hope for the future and how safety is at the forefront of everything Hartford HealthCare does.

Several colleagues at Hartford HealthCare have been redeployed to serve on the frontline. They fearlessly face whatever comes their way to help those who need it most. Wherever you stand, we stand with you

Hartford HealthCare Campus Care is Helping Students Feel Their Best


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Posted by Jeffrey Teitler