CCSU Film Student Puts A Dream On The Line

For many, acting on Broadway is a fleeting dream.  However, for CCSU Filmmaker, Emily Santarsiero, the goal has become a lesson in adaptation, empowerment and tenacity.   Santarsiero began Digital Film Production, (Comm 228) at Central Connecticut State University in 2014.  Previously, she received her BFA in Theatre from Marymount Manhattan College and was on her way to becoming a NY Actor.  For personal reasons, after graduation she returned home to Connecticut, but dreams don’t just die…they take different paths.
Emily enrolled at CCSU for Filmmaking and began with sporadic efforts.  In fact after months of talking about what she wanted to produce, things  slowly changed.   Santisaro My Gritty DreamEmily turned the camera inward  and filmed her own life as a tea barista in West Hartford, Connecticut.  With desires to act on Broadway being furtherest from reach, Emily  filmed comprehensively and started an empowering quest to become a crafted theatrical performer.    With her parents just rooms away, through filmmaking within her very own bedroom, no longer did Emily need to be cast and told what to act, as well as and how to act in it.  Instead, she is now re-learning the craft of acting, risking and becoming the artist she trained to be.  Only this time, she’s turning it into an original series.
I am pleased to present the official trailer and campaign for MY GRITTY DREAM.

Posted by Jeffrey Teitler – Associate Professor – Filmmaking – Central Connecticut State University