CCSU Film Alumni and Students Produce with Grammy Artist

Connecticut, November 25th, 2020

In a new milestone, CCSU Film alumni and students produce with Grammy Award Winning Artist, Pharoahe Monch and Filmmaker/NYU Film professor, Tatjana Kretevski.  


CCSU production student, Dave Rawolle, Ricky Himilton and Cody Charneski

With an unprecedented uptick in accolades and achievements over the last decade, CCSU Film students have been accepted to top tier film schools, are selected  in film festivals, have been recognized by the United States Congressional Black Caucus, produce for ESPN, NESN, Luis Vuitton, commended by the Governor and the list goes on.   But they are also connected to where it began…at CCSU.

CCSU Production student, Courtney Rush “hollywooding” a light during a steadicam shot

In 2018, CCSU’s Film program wanted to test and re-invent our Studio Production curriculum.  To do so, we called on CCSU Film alumni and current ESPN production artist, Joshua Therriault.   Spending an entire summer developing and overhauling the way production could be taught,  the pilot was so successful, it netted over 40 production contracts for our students and participating alumni.   

Since that time, CCSU’s production team remains in close touch.   So much so, that when CCSU Film Alumni Rashad Frett, a current MFA Film student at NYU reached out to Therriault to help produce Pharoahe Monch’s music video, Therriault knew what to do.   He immediately sold the team on shooting in Bristol CT and engaged the producing students and alumni at CCSU.    Knowing the skills they developed,  the 3 day production directed by Kretevski, included, CCSU Alumni Arianna Thibodeau, steadicam operator, along with CCSU students, Courtney Rush, David Rawolle, Cody Charneski and Ricky Hamilton – all of which gained official credit in the music video.  In fact, since the successful drop of Thirteen’s “Fight”, it has been featured in Rolling Stones magazine.

This work is yet another milestone in what a state university film program can do.   Another music video in the works in the next few weeks, which will also use the CCSU pilot studio participants.

Posted by Jeff Teitler, Professor Central Connecticut State University

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